Report Cards

Every school with K-9 students in Parkland School Division (PSD) use the same report card format. 

In September 2016 a review of stakeholder feedback about the effectiveness of the PSD’s Reporting Student Learning was undertaken. Based on information gathered from surveys, a review of the Guide to Education, and a look at how other jurisdictions in Alberta and across Canada are reporting student progress,  an update of the current report card was begun.

Through extensive input meetings, opportunities to provide feedback on the first draft of the updated report card was provided to all teaching staff in K-9 schools, high school principals, Council of School Councils, two student groups, one parent group, the Board of PSD, Senior Executive and Learning Services staff. Modifications were made to the draft based on the extensive feedback received and then the finalized updated report card was presented

Based on the feedback we heard in 2016-2017, PSD has made a number of improvements to the report card including:

  • A shift to reporting on competencies remembering that competencies are intended to be embedded across the curriculum;
  • Rewording of the descriptions of the Achievement Indicators providing better explanations
  • Reducing the length of the report card, and
  • Making the language more parent-friendly

We’re committed to ensuring the report card is more student-focused, and emphasizes ‘how’ students learn as opposed to just ‘what’ they learn. By focusing more on how students learn, teachers are better able to support the growth and development of our students.

Quick Facts resource has been prepared to answer some of the basic questions regarding the PSD report card.

Report Card Samples

Kindergarten Sample Report Card 

Grades 1-3 Report Card

Grades 4-6 Report Card

Grades 7-9 Report Card

21st Century Learner Competencies

These are combinations of knowledge, skills and attitudes that students develop and apply for successful learning, living and working.

Critical Thinking

Question, Decide, Judge, Reflect

Problem Solving

Explore, Plan, Persevere, Solve

Creativity and Innovation

Imagine, Create, Change, Risk-taking, Resourceful


Share Ideas, Listen, Clarify, Consider, Respect


Contribute, Support, Trust, Compromise

Managing Information

Find, Sort, Share, Use

Cultural and Global Citizenship

Take Action, Consequences, Community, Belonging

Personal Growth and Well-being

Talents, Goals, Choices, Mindful, Safe, Relationship

Strengths/Next Steps in relation to the 21st Century Competencies

For more information about the new report cards, please contact your school principal.

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Leah Andrews 
Director, Learning Services