Appreciating and Respecting Diversity [SGA.ARD]

Students demonstrate understanding, appreciation and respect for the diversity and uniqueness of all learners.

Exploring the Context

Appreciating diversity involves the development of a system of education that demonstrates behaviours and decisions valuing all students.

The process of getting to know oneself and others will lead to both staff and students developing empathy while contributing to a welcome, caring, respectful and safe learning environment that fosters diversity and nurtures a sense of belonging with a positive sense of self. This assurance element provides trust and confidence that all educational stakeholders demonstrate respect for differences in people, their ideas and opinions.

Alternative Context: Ongoing Pandemic

While we would expect to see the characteristics for success modeled by all students, attention to certain aspects of this Element are challenged when limited to remote delivery. To attend to this Element, our teachers will need to be intentional in promoting diversity appreciation through online activities and lessons.

Avenues for Development

  • Students are provided with opportunities for collaboration that enables demonstrating respect for the contribution of others.
  • Lessons provide opportunities for students to seek to understand, incorporate the perspective of others into their own learning, and offer helpful and respectful feedback to others.
  • Teachers attend to helping students as they build their social-emotional skills and increase their connectedness to others.
  • “Assessment AS learning” strategies are implemented so that students can come to know themselves as learners and advocate for themselves appropriately, as well as understand the needs of others.
  • Students are involved in an ongoing process of school culture and school-identity formation to promote a sense of belonging for all students.

Milestones and Measures

  • Teacher assessment and student self-reflection demonstrates growth in collaborative skills among students.
  • Accountability Pillar results demonstrate growth in student perception of safe and caring environments.
  • Assurance measures indicate parent satisfaction with respect to student growth in this area.