Collaboration [TL.C]

Collaboration amongst teachers, leaders, students and their families, and other professionals enables optimum learning.

Exploring the Context

Parkland School Division maintains Meaningful Engagement as an enduring priority. This Element captures the importance of collaboration in education both within the school, and extending to the greater, connected community.

All school staff demonstrate the belief that parents play an important role in student success and well-being. School councils enable parents to contribute to making decisions that impact student learning, and teachers and leaders welcome their involvement. Whether by volunteering in the school, or by contributing knowledge, perspectives and ideas at school council meetings, parents are actively contributing to the success of the school community. 

Alternative Context: Ongoing Pandemic

Class cancellation and remote delivery of learning has heightened the importance of collaboration. Parents have been provided a unique opportunity to become increasingly engaged in their children’s education and, to this end, teachers and parents are continuously developing channels for collaboration to ensure all students are successful. Any requirement to extend remote learning will necessitate research to reveal best-practice approaches to increase the interconnectedness of parents and teachers in a timely - but not exhaustive - manner.

Avenues for Development

  • Collaboration of teachers and leaders continues to be encouraged in order to develop a common and accepted understanding of Division priorities and a systematic approach to improving learning.
  • Ongoing and frequent collaboration is encouraged to improve an understanding of the evidence of learning, and subsequently, the development and implementation of strategies to impact and improve learning.
  • A collaborative response model is universally implemented and protocols for accessing supports exist at each site.


Through supported collaboration, our staff express that they feel that it is easy to connect with peers across the jurisdiction who may have the same roles and/or responsibilities. Our parents demonstrate increased appreciation with respect to their ability to access their child’s (or their children’s) teachers to better understand their child’s (or their children’s) learning progress.


  • Assurance measures note an increase in satisfaction that collaborative efforts are provided and appreciated;
  • Staff report satisfaction with school and division levels of support; and/or
  • Accountability Pillar results indicate growth in the percentage of teachers and parents satisfied with parental involvement in decisions about their child's education.