Adaptable Learning Environment [LS.AE]

School staff adapt learning environments as necessary to meet each learner’s needs, emphasizing a sense of belonging and high expectations for all.

Exploring the Context

Parkland School Division’s teachers and leaders collaborate with staff, parents, caregivers and the larger community to provide programming support and educational services in well-considered classroom environments that foster success and well-being. Stakeholders gain trust and confidence when students report a sense of belonging, while remaining excited about the challenges presented through rigorous, relevant, and meaningful learning activities.

Alternative Context: Ongoing Pandemic

During extended periods of class cancellation and remote delivery of learning, the classroom environment becomes a virtual (digital) space. Teachers and leaders engage students to overcome the challenge of feeling or being disconnected from one-another. Learning tasks must represent the unique tools that each learner brings to the process of learning. Increased attention will be required to ensure that all students feel a sense of belonging, while still enjoying the challenges presented by new learning opportunities.

Avenues for Development

  • Through the implementation of the PSD Standards, concept-based pedagogy and triangulation of evidence of learning, PSD moves to a more explicit approach towards thinking instruction.
  • Teachers and leaders attend to the development of classroom learner profiles.
  • Teachers and leaders continue to work with Universal Design for Learning models.
  • Teachers and leaders increase their understanding and implementation of assistive technology use.
  • Teachers and leaders continue professional development that focuses on differentiation and strong assessment practices while utilizing a concept-based pedagogy.


The learning environment is the responsibility of all stakeholders. Teachers and leaders work to ensure that all learning environments are clean, calm, and inviting. Our schools are well-attended to and viewed as community icons.


  • Assurance measures indicate an increase in students’ self-reported perception of self-efficacy.
  • Assurance measures indicate an overall sense of approval for the quality of learning environments in Parkland School Division.
  • Facilities Services reports a decline in school-based damage or acts of vandalism.