Supportive Infrastructure [LS.SI]

School staff ensure that infrastructure (e.g., technology and transportation services) supports learning and meets the needs of students and their families, staff and school communities. 

Exploring the Context

Through the Parkland School Division’s Centre for Education, the Division offers a range of services that support the educational, operational, and informational needs of our students and their parents, our schools, and communities. Division staff work to improve the efficiency and the usefulness of all our services so our schools can focus on what is really important - our students.

Stakeholders gain trust and confidence when the full system operates in alignment with initiatives and ongoing services to promote our students’ success and well-being.

Alternative Context: Ongoing Pandemic

The full system of education involves the active dedication of all of the departments that support student success and well-being. Our departments that provide support to the system will be increasingly tasked to develop unique solutions, should class cancellation continue, or should the Division be presented with the need for alternative delivery modes.

For instance, our Transportation services will need to consider how best to transport students while attending to social distancing; our Human Resources department will need to consider how best to staff our schools and departments as needs change. Each and every department will be impacted by the changes required to provide remote learning, or modified classrooms. 

Avenues for Development


Complex problems are reduced when schools and the greater infrastructure of the education system work well together. 


  • Measures are included in each department’s Annual Plan.