Wraparound Services [LS.WS]

School staff utilize cross-ministry initiatives and wraparound services to enhance conditions required for optimal learning.

Exploring the Context

Alberta Education prioritizes the need for promotion, prevention and intervention strategies that demonstrate effectiveness in providing coordinated and integrated support and services for children, youth and their families.

Proactive: Promotion, prevention and intervention strategies become part of the school and community culture when school and community leaders, staffs and families:

  • Honour the strengths, experiences and expertise of all involved;
  • Focus on the individual child, youth and their family; and
  • Develop meaningful relationships between the child, youth, family, school and community.

Alternative Context: Ongoing Pandemic

Providing wraparound services through remote delivery of education will present new challenges. School support staff will need to identify concerns that may require interventions by Alberta Health or Human Services. School staff may need to find ways to assist parents with positive behaviour supports.

Avenues for Development

  • School staff design, implement and contribute to positive behaviour supports within the school.
  • School staff work collaboratively to promote and strengthen partnerships by eliminating barriers that may exist between the school and community.
  • School staff attend to persistent advocacy: when faced with challenges or setbacks, staff continue to work toward meeting the needs of the youth and their family, and achieving the goals identified until it is determined that formal coordination of the supports and services are no longer necessary.
  • School staff and agency partners develop a customized set of strategies, supports and services supporting the goals identified for the child or youth and their family.


Parents (as well as teachers and other school personnel) are active participants in school-wide positive behaviour support planning.

School-wide positive behaviour support teams are flexible and have adequate resources to ensure real needs are addressed in a timely manner.


  • School derived indicators of success that wraparound services for students are timely and effective.