Policy Governance [G.PG]

Legislation, policy and regulation provides clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of education partners in matters of governance.

Exploring the Context

This assurance element provides stakeholders with trust and confidence that the Board effectively attends to matters of governance through policy.

The Education Act legislates that “33(1) A board, as a partner in education, has the responsibility to: 

(h) establish and maintain governance and organizational structures that promote student well-being and success, and monitor and evaluate their effectiveness;”


(j) recruit the Superintendent and entrust the day-to-day management of the school division to the staff through the Superintendent.”

Parkland School Division’s Board Policy 2: Role of the Board outlines Policy Governance as a specific area of responsibility. The Board:

  1. Reviews and approves the Vision for the Division;
  2. Establishes policy;
  3. Evaluates policy impact; and 
  4. Sets the mandate for collective bargaining.

Parkland School Division’s Board Policy 2: Role of the Board outlines Superintendent-Board Relations as a specific area of responsibility. The Board:

  1. Selects the Superintendent;
  2. Provides the Superintendent with clear corporate direction;
  3. Delegates to the Superintendent responsibility for all executive functions and provides authority commensurate with responsibilities;
  4. Evaluates the Superintendent;
  5. Supports the Superintendent’s actions;
  6. Respects the Superintendent as the Chief Executive Officer; and
  7. Demonstrates mutual support which is conveyed to the staff and the community.

Alternative Context: Ongoing Pandemic

The process of policy governance may not be significantly impacted by an ongoing pandemic, however, there is a potential for rapid, emergent legislative changes or Ministerial Orders that may create urgent demands for consideration and action by Trustees.

Avenues for Development

  • The Board engages in continual review and evaluation of policy in alignment with provincial legislation and regulations as prudent to do so.
  • The Board attends to items of governance as prescribed in the Board’s Annual Work Plan.


As we attend to this Element, we see Trustees engaged in a regular, timely process of policy review. 

Trustees attend to ensuring that our educational partners understand their respective partnership-role in relation to the Division.


  • All Board Policies are reviewed by June 2021.
  • Board self-evaluation that the relationship and meetings with the Minister of Education, other Ministers and Members of the Legislative Assembly are positive and beneficial, respectively.