Continuous Improvement [G.CI]

Trustees employ a cycle of evidence-based continuous improvement to inform ongoing planning and priority setting, and to build capacity. 

Exploring the Context

This assurance element provides stakeholders with trust and confidence that the Board attends to continual improvement.
Parkland School Division’s Ultimate Goal is Student Success and Well-Being. To this end, the Education Act legislates that “33(1) A board, as a partner in education, has the responsibility to: 

(a) deliver appropriate education programming to meet the needs of all students enrolled in a school operated by the Board and to enable their success”.

Parkland School Division’s Board Policy 2: Role of the Board outlines planning as specific areas of responsibility. The Board:

  1. Reviews and approves annual educational goals for the Division.
  2. Reviews and approves the annual budget assumptions.
  3. Reviews and approves the Three-Year Education Plan and the Annual Education Results Report on an annual basis.
  4. Reviews and approves capital plans on an annual basis.
  5. Reviews and approves the budget on an annual basis.

Parkland School Division’s Board Policy 2: Role of the Board outlines Board development as specific areas of responsibility. The Board:

  1. Develops a yearly plan for Board/trustee development;
  2. Encourages individual trustees to participate in conferences and other activities to further develop Board and trustee effectiveness;
  3. Undertakes an annual Board self-evaluation; and
  4. Promotes positive and productive interactions amongst fellow trustees.

Alternative Context: Ongoing Pandemic

While an ongoing pandemic may change the direction of future planning, this Assurance Element attends to capacity building within the local context: avenues, milestones and measures all still apply.

Avenues for Development

  • Trustees develop and implement a Decision-Making Framework;
  • Trustees attend to the development, implementation, review and amendment, as prudent to do so, of the Board’s Annual Work Plan.


As we attend to this Assurance Element, we see Trustees maintaining an ongoing commitment to reviewing and approving prudent improvement initiatives. This review for 2020-2021 also includes attending to the Board’s Legacy Plan. Trustees review, on an ongoing basis, their individual roles and responsibilities with respect to Board and Committee meetings.


  • The Board completes two reviews during the 2020-2021 school year.