Responsiveness [LC.R]

Staff and community stakeholders attend responsively to the unique and diverse cultural, social and economic factors that impact our students’ aspirations and learning needs.

Exploring the Context

No two schools have exactly the same context. Planning and reporting must consider the unique aspects of the demographic, economic and cultural aspects of the Division and its schools. Parkland School Division is both an urban and a rural school division, and our communities have a variety of contextual factors.

Avenues for Development

  • Education planning and results reporting at the school level capture the unique cultural, social and economic circumstances that impact the school and stakeholders within the community context.


As we attend to this Element, we note that the Division’s staff and community stakeholders express appreciation for the Division’s positive role in the community. Stakeholders express a sense of belonging and affinity for Parkland School Division.


  • Stakeholders demonstrate trust and confidence that their school is effectively attending to the unique needs of the community in which the school exists.