Early Education Program

The Early Education Program supports children ages 2 years 8 months to 5 years of age (must be 3 years by December 31) in a play-based inclusive environment. Universal, targeted and individual programming is delivered in high quality Early Childhood settings throughout the school division. These include:

  • Early Education Classrooms in PSD Schools
    • École Broxton Park School
    • Brookwood School
    • Duffield School
    • High Park School
    • Memorial Composite High School
    • Parkland Village School
    • Prescott Learning Centre
    • Seba Beach School
    • Spruce Grove Composite High School
    • Stony Plain Central School
  • Partner playschools within the Parkland School Division community
  • Kindergarten classes within Parkland School Division

Each Early Education classroom has a team of professionals dedicated to meet the individual needs of all children. Embedded programming is provided through therapy staff as required. This team consists of: 

Teachers, Educational Assistants, Coordinators, Educational Psychologists, Speech Language Pathologists, Speech Language Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Specialized Supports as needed.

Note: Request for bus service will only be reviewed once Early Childhood Services program eligibility has been determined.

Early Education Classrooms

Early Education classrooms provide extensive play-based programming, enriched with specialized supports embedded through the play, for children with severe special needs, four mornings or afternoons a week within play-based settings. Teams work collaboratively to meet the individual needs of each child within an inclusive environment. Each classroom includes a mix of children from the community as Play Partners. Family-oriented program sessions are provided regularly at the schools, communities or in homes to further support families in meeting their children's needs within the home and community. Families can choose from a wide arrange of options every year.

Play Partners have an integral part within the Early Education classroom. While enjoying the benefits of play-based programming, Play Partners are role models to their peers. Play Partners must be 3 years of age as of September 1st of the current school year. A fee is required to participate as a Play Partner. Spots will be prioritized for children in each attendance area and those with special developmental needs.

Community Playschool Programs

Early Childhood Services support from Parkland School Division is provided to children with severe special needs through community playschools. Early Childhood Services will work collaboratively with community playschools to deliver high quality early childhood programming, while supporting the individual needs of the child through best practices. Community playschools must contact our Early Childhood Services Supervisor to be considered for this unique partnership.

Community Kindergarten Programs

The Early Childhood Services multi-disciplinary team supports all Kindergarten classrooms within Parkland School Division. Kindergarten teachers are supported by multi-disciplinary teams in order to provide any additional supports to meet the broad range of children within each classroom. Working collaboratively with the school team, the Early Childhood Services Team models and supports the implementation of strategies to support all children within an inclusive environment.

How Do Children Enter the Program?

The Early Education Program benefits children with identified needs in the areas of speech-language development, fine and gross motor skills, social-emotional/behavioral challenges, and/or a medical diagnosis.

Eligibility criteria for special needs grants is outlined by Alberta Education based on information provided by a Family Physician/Developmental Pediatrician, Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational/ Physical Therapist and/or a Registered Psychologist.

Families are encouraged to contact the Early Education program coordinators at the Centre for Education in Stony Plain with questions regarding eligibility and program placements.

Principles of the Early Education Program

  • All children are part of one proactive and responsive educational system - Parkland School Division.
  • Parents are the child's first teachers and our partners in programming.
  • Programming is developmentally appropriate and based on best practice in Early Childhood Education. Learning opportunities are embedded in daily activities.
  • Programming occurs in the natural environments of the child - at home, in the community and in the school.
  • Each child has an individual program plan (IPP) developed by the learning team including parents, educator(s), and other professional staff as appropriate to the child's specific needs.
  • Evidence-based instruction and interventions complement Early Childhood Education.
  • Communication and collaboration facilitate supportive transitions into school-age programming.

For more information contact: 

Early Childhood Services Secretary
Phone: 780-963-8429
Email: earlychildhoodservices@psd70.ab.ca