Procedures for Parent-Child Reunion

To ensure your child’s safety, and to assist staff in quickly reuniting you with your child, please observe the established procedures. We recognize that you may be worried and want to be reunited with your child as quickly as possible. However, this system has been established to ensure your child’s safety. You could be jeopardizing your child’s or another child’s safety by not adhering to these procedures.

  1. Detailed release instructions will be posted at the secondary assembly location.
  2. A designated Parent Waiting Area will be established at the secondary assembly location. Please wait in this area until your child is brought to you. This is for the safety of both you and your child.
  3. No student will be released unless you or an individual designated on the student's Emergency Information Card arrives to pick up that student.
  4. Every parent/guardian will be required to sign for the release of their child. This step is extremely important, as it is the schools only means of ensuring all students are accounted for at all times. Please do not take your child from the secondary assembly location without signing for their release. You will also be required to show valid identification during this process to ensure students are safely released to their custodial parent/guardian.
  5. All students will be kept at the secondary assembly location until a parent/guardian can arrange to pick them up.

Note: It is imperative that the information on your child’s Emergency Information Card is current. Each school refers to this information in the event of an emergency.

For more information contact:
The Centre for Education
Phone: 780-963-4010