System Review

Purpose of The System Review – Key Factors

The purpose of the facilities, boundaries and program locations review is to develop a long term planning framework that addresses the following:

  • Changing demographics across the Division indicate that the population and enrolments are declining in some areas and increasing at a rapid rate in other areas.
  • Changing demographics have resulted in an imbalance between facility capacity with current and projected enrolments.
  • A lack of provincial funding for requested new school space has resulted in over-capacity at some schools, current and projected.
  • A limited capacity to add core portable classrooms to school facilities and sites has created space issues in some schools.

Phase III Public Consultation

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Getting it Right

Parkland School Division shares a success story about “Getting it Right” when engaging the community through open and transparent communication. Read our article in the Fall 2011 issue of the CASS Connection.