Stakeholder engagement included the use of the ThoughtExchange engagement process for parents, staff, and community members.

The ThoughtExchange process enabled stakeholders to share their thoughts with the school community. These individual thoughts were then considered, responded to and evaluated to determine a level of confidence (assurance) in how well Parkland School Division is doing in the achievement of its goals and priorities.

These shared thoughts are formative assessments (as opposed to numerical measurements) that can be used to evaluate progress and plan for growth. Participants are encouraged to share what's on their mind specific to their school community and then are given a chance to 'Star' other community members' thoughts to see which issues rise to the top.

Data collected is shared with school administration teams, staff and School Councils to inform the Education Planning process and influence strategies that are employed specific to each school in order to address Assurance Elements in our Education Plan.

Annual Education Results Report and Assurance Report for 2017-2018

ThoughtExchange - What We Heard