It's Survey Season

February 14, 2020 - It's survey season and Parkland School Division and Alberta Education wants to hear from all stakeholders including parents, guardians, teachers and students. Staff at the division are entrusted to provide students with a quality education but we need all stakeholders' help. Meaningful engagement is foundational as we attend to providing stakeholder assurance that the Division is achieving its Ultimate Goal: Student Success and Well-being.

Consider this an annual check-up on the education system.  There are a number of tools used with different audiences.  All surveys are anonymous and are invaluable when it comes to informing decision-making in the Education Planning process at both the school and division level. Students and teachers complete the surveys online at school while parents receive a copy of the survey that can be completed online, or by mail.

Responses are collected and tabulated into a summary chart released in May and are updated in October to supplement updated academic achievement results through the Provincial Achievement Tests (grade 6 and 9) and the Diploma Examination results. 

School administration and staff take the Accountability Pillar results into consideration when building supportive learning environments, meaningful experiences and healthy relationships with our students. They also carefully analyze the results of achievement tests and Diploma Exams to guide classroom instruction moving forward.

From Alberta Education

Parents and guardians across Alberta will receive their invitation to share their views on what's happening at school directly from Alberta Education. This process can be completed online until the end of February.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to watch their mail if they haven't already received the survey.  Instructions on how to complete the survey are included in the survey package including directions on how to return the survey directly to Alberta Education.

Parents can also use the Random Access Code provided to them in the survey package to complete the survey online by visiting:

Survey results will be available to school authorities in May 2020, and will be reported publicly as part of the Division's Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report.

For more information on the province's Accountability Pillar Surveys, visit the Education Plan pages of your school's website which can be found under the OUR SCHOOL menu in the top navigation. Click on OUR SCHOOL > Reports.


Stay tuned for more information as we Continue the Conversation in the 2020 ThoughtExchange coming soon. 

For more information contact:

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