Additional Principal Appointment for 2020-2021

May 8, 2020 - Parkland School Division’s Superintendent of Schools, Shauna Boyce, is pleased to announce that the new Principal of Millgrove School, effective August 2020, will be Linda Madge-Arkinstall.
With Archie Lillico's assignment to Parkland Village School in the last round of administrative movement, the Millgrove School vacancy was the last Principal role to fill for the 2020-2021 school year.
"I know I've said it before but we have one of the best Leadership Teams in the province when it comes to our Administrators in Parkland School Division," stated Superintendent Boyce.

"Linda has shown her leadership in her current role as Assistant Principal at Millgrove and families in that school community will continue to benefit from her kind and compassionate approach to relationship building with the students she serves."   

Linda Madge-Arkinstall, Principal
Millgrove School (K-4) 

Linda Madge-Arkinstall’s educational journey began in 1986 when Drayton Valley was still a part of Parkland School Division.  Her early days were spent as the Grades 1-3 resource room teacher.  She moved to Graminia School in a similar role working with grades 1-6 and was also a Grade 2 teacher for six years.  After taking some time off to raise her four children, Linda returned to teaching in 2006 as a Kindergarten teacher at Millgrove School and K-1 music. For the last four years Linda served as the Inclusive Education Lead and the Assistant Principal.

Linda earned her Bachelor of Education with a Special Education minor from the University of Alberta. She recently completed her Master's of Education in leadership through the University of Calgary with the Parkland School Division cohort. 

"I am honoured to work with this outstanding staff, students and parents. I have experienced an amazing staff as they create environments that enrich the lives of children, students that bring joy, and a supportive parent community that are wonderful partners. I am proud to be a part of the Millgrove team."

For further information, contact:
Shauna Boyce
Superintendent of Schools