RBC Children's Mental Health Grant

November 23, 2016 - Parkland School Division is proud to partner with the RBC Foundation and a host of community partners in an effort to positively change wraparound supports involving mental health. The RBC Foundation recently donated $100,000 as part of its Children's Mental Health Navigation grant. The collaborative initiative involves Parkland School Division, the RCMP, Family and Community Support Services, Alberta Parenting for the Future as well as the Youth Centres for Spruce Grove and Stony Plain. The grant money is being used to hire a navigator to work with partners to create a common understanding about service delivery to families from a variety of wrap around supports.

RBC Youth Mental Health Grant

Only 1 in 5 youth with a mental health illness get access to the care they need. Many families spend months waiting in line for mental health services, only to be informed that they were in the wrong line, forcing them to join another wait list while they struggle to support their child at home. The RBC Youth Mental Health Project is our commitment to support programs that help youth and families access the right care at the right time.

The RBC Youth Mental Health Project  funds programs that address youth and family’s immediate need to access mental health services, a critical area identified by parents, youth and experts in the field. We have chosen to focus our funding on two areas where we believe our support can make the biggest difference:

  • Navigation programs
  • Technology based solutions

Successful grant applications are awarded to other programs that increase access to care if they are collaborative, have proven results and can demonstrate successful outcomes.

PSD's Wellness Initiative

The Division believes that student success is linked to student well-being and the development of social-emotional assets that build resiliency. The development of citizenship and social responsibility contribute to wellness and are integral to the delivery of a broad and comprehensive program of studies. We are dedicated to the development of the whole child. This is a significant goal for the Division and it is expected that a commitment to wellness is modelled at all levels of education (staff, students and community). Originally launched as the Youth Resiliency Initiative back in 2012, Parkland School Division is committed to a program focussed on working collectively with staff, care-givers and community to provide programming supports and services aimed at fostering wellness within Parkland School Division schools. Through collaborative partnerships and diverse funds development activities, several programs and initiatives have been successfully launched to nurture the well-being of all children and youth in our schools.

The Wellness Initiative will include the following four perspectives in fostering well-being: 

Mental health

A focus on the role of schools in promoting and addressing mental health, which includes mental health promotion, mental illness prevention and early identification and intervention, as well as mental health literacy and stigma reduction.

For more information contact:
Felicia Ochs
Wellness Coordinator
Learning Services
Phone: 780-963-8465